Bahati Ansari, founder and Executive Director of The National Racism Free Zone Project TM  offers a positive approach to creating a social climate in which racism and all forms of discrimination cannot flourish. One of the goals of her presentation is to encourage and challenge women as well as other groups to take personal responsibility for eliminating all categories of harassment. Ms. Ansari will discuss steps that everyone must take to achieve a safe environment for everyone

Through my many presentations and projects in cities and towns across the country over the pass 25+ years of her work. Bahati has assisted the following institutions in creating safe and healthy environments.

Who  Am I?

Earth Mother. Creation. A woman constantly full of new ideas and thoughts. A woman who gives new life to herself. A trail blazer. A female presence that is caring and motherly. Fertility. Birth of an idea or new energy. Family issues. Hearth and home. The need to focus on family. Feminine healing. Need to cultivate your own creativity. A woman unto herself, not dependent on a partner for fulfillment. A ruler and leader of others. Motherly-type.

This is the personal portfolio of Bahati Ansari

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